Billing & Insurance

This is an outline of our billing and collection process. For further details, please call our office at 407-647-1331 and ask to speak with someone in our billing department. For information about hospital or ambulatory surgical center charges, you will need to contact the facility billing office.

As surgical specialists, we charge a consultation fee for an office visit or inpatient evaluation. This is a representation of our medical evaluation, review of diagnostic tests, and decision-making. For each procedure or operation that is performed, separate charge will apply. Routine post operative care after most operations is included in the surgical fee.

Our fees are generally set at a contracted rate that varies by insurance plan. To get this rate, the surgeon must be a participating doctor on your plan. You are responsible for verifying this. You will also want to call the insurance company and inform them of the procedure you are having and make sure you are covered.

Prior to surgery, we will contact your insurance company to obtain pre-certification and verify your benefits. This process does not guarantee payment from the insurance company. We will also estimate your out of pocket expenses based on your deductible and coverage, and ask that you pay this prior to having the procedure done.

We will also send a claim in to your insurance carrier. Once they have paid their portion, we will send you a statement indicating the balance that you owe, if any.

As always if you do not understand the statement, please contact our office.

If no attempt to pay has been made within 90 days, the account will automatically be turned over to a collection agency and will adversely affect your credit report. If you have a special circumstance, you may contact our office to make timely arrangements and avoid being placed in collections.

We participate in many insurance plans. To see a full list of participating insurance companies, please click here. If you do not see your insurance company on the list, please call our office to confirm that we participate in your insurance plan. We will be happy to assist you and help you with any questions.